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MediaMak is one of the leading Outdoor Media operators in the Middle East. MediaMak boasts an established local network of media assets and continues its effort to optimize and integrate focused and value media solutions. MediaMak’s portfolio also includes digital solutions based on LED technology as well as boasting premium exclusive points across United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the Gulf. With its seasoned sales and client servicing team, MediaMak has progressively become – in such a short span of time – the preferred outdoor media agent of local and international brands.

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why outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach people where they live, work and play. It is media that is everywhere, and when used with creativity, it creates brand new ad spaces where none existed before — ad spaces that can stop people in their tracks.

  • Outdoor advertising is a 24/7 media and it reaches highly mobile customers quickly and effectively
  • It is the most cost effective advertising option
  • Achieve immediate returns and campaign reach potential in the first week itself. The advertiser will get more ROI for outdoor advertising
  • Repeat viewing of an outdoor advertisement makes the customer retain the message and the company’s name
  • Outdoor advertising is free to viewers unlike magazines, newspapers, cable television that need be paid to watch or read
  • With the new digital billboards and technologies, outdoor advertising is only getting better


what we offer

Out-Of-Home Media

  • Large Shaped Billboards
  • Largest Outdoor LED Screens in UAE
  • KSA Transport Buses
  • Lampost
  • Marina Mall LED Screens
  • Mobile Mupie, Mobile Megacom, Mobile Mega Banner
  • Flags
  • Mobile Car Advertising
Prime Petrol Stations across Dubai
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